Strange Deaths in our Little Town

Recently two women, best friends, died within hours of each other in our little foothill town.

One came to our church regularly. She was somewhat handicapped and had to have someone come and get here and take her home, but she participated in everything.

The elder of the two lived in a senior facility that once had been a TB hospital. The younger woman lived in a duplex.

The Sunday morning they died, the deputy sheriff who was called to the first one's home by a neighbor, called the church to see if we had any next of kin information. The pastor told him to get in touch with her friend. The deputy couldn't get the friend on the phone so went to her apartment and found she'd died about 12 to 16 hours earlier. The first one had only been dead a few hours.

Unfortunately, no autopsies were done on these women. The older woman probably died of natural causes as she had cancer and spent a lot of time in the hospital. The younger woman, only 46, had lots of ailments, but none life threatening as far as anyone knew.

Though we'll never know the truth, you can be sure I'll put this into one of my mysteries.



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