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As you can see, there are a lot of blog stops this week. Hope you can find time to visit them all and leave a comment.

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Now my successful launch for Lingering Spirit.

It was a much too hot day--anyone with good sense stayed home with their a.c. However, thanks to a nice article in the paper Friday morning and an announcement on the radio (I had no idea that was going to happen), and all my Facebook appeals, and some invitations I sent out, we had a really nice group of people who arrived--mostly right at the same time.

However, some good friends braved the scorching sun and turned up. The bookstore provided cookies and much needed cold drinks.

Three of my biggest fans came--one is a lovely lady from church, another has been buying my books from the beginning and is a fellow Sister in Crime member, and the other has come to every book launch I've had even before she moved to Springville. She brought two friends along with her.

Another church and Facebook friend, who lives along ways away, came and I was delighted to see her. She'd promised on Facebook and lived up to her promise. Another church and Facebook friend came with two of her daughter and a grandson.

And most exciting, was getting to see my deceased eldest son's widow. She came because of the piece in the newspaper and an announcement she heard on the radio. Mark has been gone a long while--and we haven't seen our daughter-in-law for too many years.

So, it was a great day all the way around. We had some good visits and sold books.

But I forgot to take any pictures, darn. And I even had my iPhone out on the table so I wouldn't forget.


That little bookstore was pretty crowded for awhile.


Mason Canyon said…
Sounds like the launch got off to a good start. Looking forward to your stop by Thoughts in Progress. Best of luck.

Thoughts in Progress
Thanks, Mason, you are such a great support. I'm looking forward to my stop at Thoughts in Progress too. See you there.

BillieJohn said…
Sounds like it was a great day! Wish I could have been there!
Cheryl said…
Congratulations on that great book launch. I'm thrilled for you.

I wanted to note one change to your tour schedule for this week so your readers know where to find you. I haven't completed the video trailer yet, so the stop tomorrow at If Books Could Talk is canceled, but my review will appear at Book Tours and More instead. Readers can find that blog at


I made the change on this post that Cheryl told me about.


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