What's Gotten Into the Birds?

Remember that scary Alfred Hitchcock movie about the Birds? If you're too young, in a small town, the birds went nuts and attacked everyone. They managed to find their way into houses where people were hiding, pecked and pecked until they killed everyone.

Saturday, while I waited for someone to show up at my book signing, I was sitting where I could see out the glass top of the door and across the street. What once was a lovely restaurant, ultra posh, used to be on the top floor of the building.

Being able to go to this wonderful place was an experience. The food was always delicious, cloth tablecloths and napkins were on every table along with fresh flowers. When you were there you were sure to see some of the "social elite" of the community. On Friday and Saturday nights a piano player at an old grand piano entertained with all the romantic tunes from the 40s and 50s. We ate there on only on special occasions because it was a bit on the pricey side. Our writers' group met there for several Christmas dinners.

What happened to cause the restaurants decline and closure, because it was long before the recession? It may have been the new rules for access for handicapped, as the only way to get into the restaurant was up a steep set of stairs.

I've often been sad when driving or walking past, because old memories of good times surface and knowing that they will never be repeated in that particular place.

I noticed a hole torn in a screen of one of the second floor windows. A pigeon flew inside, and the another. While I watched others came and went. This has obviously been going on a long while as none of the birds had any difficulty flying right into the rather small hole. I could see birds flying around inside. Horrifying to think what a mess must be in that once elegant place.

Sunday morning when I went to church I learned that the smell everyone had been complaining about in the fellowship hall came from the attic which was filled with dead birds. Birds must've found a way to get in up there, but no way to get out. Though they've sent the preacher's grandson (teenager) up there to get the dead birds, and he's brought out a bunch, there are still more up there. And at last report, no one's found where they managed to get in.

So folks, is this a warning? Are the birds getting ready for another attack like in the movie? I don't really think so, but it is an intriguing coincidence, isn't it?



Vicki Rocho said…
I'm making a face as I type this because it reminded me of something I'd rather forget...so now I'm going to share and disturb the lot of ya!

The other day driving home from work, I noticed a big crow in the street pecking at some bit of food that had been left behind.

And then I saw a truck, one of those big 4 door monster jobs, advance from the stop sign. The bird was right in front of his wheel but didn't fly off or hop away or anything. The truck squished it and it made the most HORRIBLE cracking sound (shudder) The poor thing was flattened. It happened so fast, I didn't have a chance to look away. ugh
Ugh, that was horrible. Thanks for sharing, Vicki--I guess.


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