Adjusting to My New Computer

Almost everything is in its place after a mighty struggle yesterday. Some I was able to do myself. Amazingly I managed to set up Mozy--an off site back-up service. From Mozy I retrieved my data for Quicken. That made me feel like a computer guru for about 10 seconds.

Though both Word and WordPerfect had been transferred along with the documents, it took me forever to find documents as I needed them. I had a big list of things that I needed the computer tech to do. I'd tried several times to download Firefox but it would always time out. (No doubt I was doing something wrong.)

Now, the magical part. The computer tech has his own business where he does all kinds of work for big business and even the government at times. He put some gizmo on my computer where he could connect to my computer. He called and I gave him my list of woes and he told me what to do so we could be connected. How amazing that was. I was talking with him on the phone while he was doing things I could see on my computer!

Thanks to him, my word processing programs are now working the way I want them--almost, but I'll get used to it. I have Firefox again, though I have some twiddling to do with it yet.

This a.m. I finally did a Google search and learned how to put email addresses into my address book--at least from emails that are mailed to me, haven't learned how to just write them in yet. Why, when they upgrade a program do they make it more complicated instead of simpler?

So I'm almost back where I was. I've put out appeals for people to email me since that seems to be a fairly easy way to collect them into my address book. Now the next big job is putting together distribution lists, since those all disappeared from my address book.

In the meantime I'm going to at least write a few pages every day.



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