Another Wonderful Review of LIngering Spirit

After her husband Steve has a dark foreboding of his own death, Nicole Ainsworth moves with him to a new community where Steve believes his police job will be safer. But he is wrong.

Soon after the move, he is killed while on duty. Despite the help and concern of Steve’s co-workers, Nicole is left to cope with her grief, a young daughter’s guilt, and the odd happenings that indicate to her that Steve’s spirit is still around.

To help her and her daughters adjust to the terrible loss, Nicole moves her family back to their hometown. But, even after she moves into a house there, events continue to happen to indicate Steve’s spirit still lingers. In addition, Nicole is annoyed by the efforts of David Callison, Steve’s former undercover partner, who is following her and hanging out on the street outside her home.

Will Nicole find love again? Will Steve’s spirit continue to remain in her new home?

Author Marilyn Meredith does an outstanding job as she tells a poignant story of love lost and love regained.

Mary Montague Sikes, author
Night Watch, another Passenger to Paradise book
Dangerous Hearts, a Gothic romance


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