Are You Really Going to Write That Book?

Often I have people come up to me and tell me that they are planning to write a book and continue on, telling me the whole plot.

What I've learned over the years that the person who does that will probably never write their book. The effort and time it took that person to tell me all the details about the book they want to write could have been better spent actually writing. No doubt this same person has told many others about the book he or she plans to write.

There is only one way to write a book: choose how you plan to write it, whether you're going to begin with pen and paper or on the computer, then plant your fanny in the chair and begin.

Once you've begun, write every day--or at least as many days during the week as you can even if it's only one hour a day. And keep on writing.

Like I've said before, don't keep going back and rewriting--keep on until you're finished. Once done, then you can do the rewriting.

The point is don't talk about it, do it.



C. N. Nevets said…
This is so true! I also tell my friends to stop talking about themselves in tentative terms. As long as you say you're, "an aspiring author," or that you are, "trying to write romantic fiction," or that you are "hoping someday to be a mystery writer," then it will never happen. As soon as you start writing, you're a writer.

Write or write not, there is no try!
~~Heidi~~ said…
One thing I have noticed about myself is if I talk about what I'm writing, I never finish it. It's almost like I've cursed it somehow by letting it out into the world before it's completely incubated. For that reason my lips are sealed regarding my new project. LOL.
C. N., how write you are.

And Heidi, that is truly the way to do it. I might give some hints about the book I'm working on, but never much because I know it will change as I'm writing.

Morgan Mandel said…
So true. I've heard many people say they should get around to writing a book about something. They think it's so easy, but if they really try, they'll soon learn it takes a bit of effort to say the least.

Morgan Mandel

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