Coming Next, a New Deputy Tempe Crabtree Mystery

Yep, won't be long now. Invisible Path is the name of the Tempe book that will be out maybe in September. I say maybe because we never know about the exact time of a book's arrival. Kind of like a baby.

This one takes place near Christmas. Her college son and a friend come home to visit. A psuedo military group surfaces in Bear Creek and piques Tempe's interest. A popular young Indian man is murdered on the reservation and the only suspect is another Indian, an outsider named Jesus. Tempe is asked to help with the investigation and must protect Jesus from those who want to see him banished from the reservation--or worse.

I've seen the cover which definitely displays the mystic of the book.

I'll keep you posted.



Mason Canyon said…
Sounds intriguing. Definitely looking forward to its release.

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