Kim Baccellia Interview, Author of Crossed Out

Marilyn: Kim, will you please tell me something about your background?

Kim: I grew up in South Sacramento. One of my ancestor’s is buried in the Sacramento Historical Cemetery where some of the founding fathers of the city are buried.

I’m the oldest of seven. That doesn’t count my half brother and sister. With my mother’s remarriage, there’s now twelve kids!

I’m a former first grade school teacher. After teaching for fifteen years I decided to stay home to take care of my son and also to concentrate on my writing.

I took writing classes at UCI extension with the fab Lou Nelson, who teaches Writing the Novel.

Currently I’m homeschooling my son and finishing revisions on my third YA fantasy/romance, No Goddesses Allowed. I’m working on the sequel to Crossed Out. Plus an edgier, more intense novel is in the works too.

Marilyn: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Kim: In the sixth grade we were assigned to do a paper on the Nixon visit to China. I decided to act like a reporter, following Nixon on his journey. I got an A on that project. I realized then that I wanted to write. I wrote for both my middle school and high school papers. I even wrote for my junior college and put together slide shows with some of my poetry.

Marilyn: What inspired you to write Crossed Out?

Kim: Two things. My sister’s murder was hard on all my family. You only read about ex-boyfriends ‘losing’ it and actually following through with their threats. After a personal experience, I started wondering if maybe those who are murdered or die before their times, might not know they were in fact dead.

The other part was based on a ‘what if’ scenario. While attending a writer’s conference in Maui, my husband asked what if it was the job of someone to put those crosses you see on the sides of the road. This person had to decorate the cross with something that represented the person who’d died in order to help them cross over to the other side.

Marilyn: Have you had any supernatural experiences of your own?

Kim: The women in my family have a tendency to be more ‘sensitive’. I grew up listening to stories from my grandmother about some of these experiences. Mostly they come in dreams. I used this with Stephanie, who sees the dead to find out their murder sites.

Marilyn: Where can my blog readers purchase Crossed Out?

Kim: Amazon and on my publisher’s website:

Marilyn: Is there anything else you'd like them to know?

Kim: Crossed Out is a perfect summer read. Check it out! Follow my virtual blog tour and post a comment. At the end I’ll be giving away a signed copy of Crossed Out and some other swag.

Marilyn: My review of Crossed Out:

Crossed Out is a YA novel, but anyone who likes to read a well-written book about Stephanie who has gift to help the newly and not so so newly dead, cross over.

She manages to cope with that, though she'd rather not, but she's also faced with the same problems a lot of teen girls have, dealing with mean and hurtful female class mates, not being able to communicate with parents, and choosing the right boy to love.

While dealing with these everyday difficulties she is also confronted by ghosts at the most inconvenient times, and a handsome guy from school shows a sudden interest in her.

Crossed Out is told through Stephanie's point-of-view as she makes some wrong choices and find herself and her soul in grave danger.

This is a fascinating story for all age groups.



Cheryl said…
This sounds like a fascinating book, Kim. I'm sorry to hear about your sister. I agree, those are the things you read about, but never happen to you. As a mother of two young girls, I feel like a much more nervous parent than I did bringing up my son.

Best of luck with all you do,

Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl!

Kim Baccellia
Anonymous said…
Hope you are enjoying the tour, Kim. I can't wait to read Crossed Out!

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