Meet, Daniel B. Silver, author of COP

Daniel B. Silver has played many roles in his thirty-something-year-old life: child actor, punk rocker, musician, high school dropout, miscreant skateboarder, Food Not Bombs activist, comic book nerd,retail clerk, emergency room volunteer, transport ambulance attendant,homeowner, 911 paramedic, comedy website writer, amateur poet, apartment renter,wannabe novelist, police officer and first man to set foot on Mars. Dan is lying about one of those things. He lives and works in San Francisco. Cop is his first novel.

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My interview of Daniel:

Marilyn: Tell me a bit about yourself.

Daniel: I'm a comic book nerd, sci-fi enthusiast and like my father, a writer of humor and sarcasm. I also have a serious side and when the mood strikes, I've been known to write a poem or two.

Like my protagonist, Dougie Cohen, I'm covered in tattoos and this creates unique situations to overcome in the law enforcement world, or if you're me, presents unique
opportunities to expand your career path in The City.

Marilyn: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Daniel: I think I've always wanted to be a writer, but my attempts to write as a teenager made me aware that I needed more world experience and to "get my hands dirty" for me to be able to put any weight to my words. I wanted to change the
world but I hadn't really seen the world yet.

Marilyn: What inspired this book?

Daniel: Everything I've seen and experienced in the academy and in my work inspired this book. My co-workers, my cases, and my fallen brothers; the thugs and criminals; the frustration and satisfaction of working in what often seems like a hopeless battle to ensure the the worst element on the street does not go unchecked by the rule of law – I drew upon a range of emotion and experience.

And a lot of Cop/Buddy/Sci-fi/Mel Brooks movies. And Batman.

Marilyn: Tell us about your book.

Daniel: Here's a summary.

Cop: A Novel is about Dougie Cohen a young, liberal, punk rocker who decides he can make a difference in the world by entering the police force. He encounters all of the frustrations, fears, traumas, and relationship troubles encountered by a cop in modern, gang-infested cities of America. It's full of the drama, humor, camaraderie and antics of inexperienced young men and women becoming experienced enforcers of the law. Some of my readers have commented that it’s really funny. Others have told me that it’s quite depressing. I guess it depends on what color the tint is on your emotional goggles.

Where can we purchase it?

Daniel: Cop is available on through Oak Tree Press for $5.95 in kindle

Here's the link:

(You'll need to copy and paste.)

Marilyn: Anything else you'd like to tell my readers?

Daniel: Thanks for reading, folks!

Marilyn: And thank you so much for the interview. Wow! I learned a lot about you.


Thanks for the interview, Marilyn!

Anyone who wants to see how it really is in day to day police work in a large gang-ridden city should check out this book.

The humor of the author is a great display of one of the biggest coping mechanisms of tough law enforcement officers.

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