Nipomo Library Book and Craft Fair

As I do so often, I forgot to take any pictures at the book fair. However, I did take these photos at the Santa Maria Inn where we stayed for two nights.

What a great hotel, so full of history and ambiance. Of course this is where I managed to louse up my little computer and was no longer able to get on the Internet with it.

We had a delicious dinner and breakfast in the dining room and thought about all the old movie stars who once visited and stayed in the hotel.

Our day at the book fair was great. We saw so many people we knew and met others.

On Sunday, we headed down the coast, looked for places that could be where Rocky Bluff is (though none are exactly geographically as I've described), enjoyed the scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and finally arrived at our daughter's home.

That evening we attended Mass with them at Santa Clara church. It's beautiful and very old church.

The days since have been very full.



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