People Who Suck the Life Out of a Conversation

Yes, there are those folks out there who can really such the life out of a conversation.

In fact, they really don't converse--they get your attention and talk non-stop. That isn't a conversation. A conversation is when more than one person speaks.

Because I am around a lot of authors and wanna-be authors, this seems to be where I run into these folks the most often.

Recently at an event, a woman came up to me and not only did she tell me everything about the wonderful book she'd recently published she also told me all about her personal life--more than I needed to know. She wasn't the least bit interested in me or my books and when she was through she moved onto the next author and repeated the same information.

Then there was the author who was going to have her book made into a movie--not the usual way, she'd never do it like that, but she was the one doing the investing, etc. etc. Once the story was out, she moved on to tell it again.

This happens at writers' conferences far too often, maybe it's the "I" syndrome. "I did this and my book is about this" and on and on without a pause for even a comment from the listener.

Don't get me wrong, I do love to hear about what's going on in writers' lives--but I'd also like to have the opportunity to congratulate them, maybe ask a question. And it does bother me just a tad that they aren't they least bit interested in what I'm doing, writing, etc.

Fortunately, I have many more good writer friends who are not like this at all. People who are fun to talk to, laugh with, share anecdotes and ideas, all on a give and take basis. In fact the majority are like that.

One author friend who I only see maybe once a year is so much fun to be with. If we have the opportunity to spend anytime with each other we chat back and forth non-stop. Come to think of it, I have several author friends who are like that.

Stepping outside of the writing world, I do know other folks who I love being with because they are so much fun to be with, the conversation is two-sided and we both have the opportunity to share and find out about what has been going on in each other's lives. And then there are those like the ones I mentioned above who once they get started there is no breaking in--and you almost have to be rude in order to escape.

That's my gripe for the day.



Sun Singer said…
In the Harry Potter world, entities like that are called Dementors.

Love it, Sun Singer, I'll have to remember.

Sara Weiss said…
Go Sue! I think we all know people like that. They make it so hard to be a friend. I'm hope these people don't keep you from enjoying the rest of the conferences.
That's when my eyes glaze over and I wander into the twilight zone until the talker moves on to another victim. I get a lot of thinking done while being "talked at."
Monti said…
Those things happen, and I wonder if perhaps they will eventually wake up and see the error of their ways. But I know quite a few of these people...

It was fun to get so many responses. Guess we all know people like that.


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