Photos from my Birthday Celebration

On my birthday, daughter Dana and I went to Ventura where we first stopped at a cousin's home--hadn't seen him in years. His wife invited me to speak to her women's group and we followed her to the location. They fed us a wonderful lunch and afterwards I spoke about my experiences as a writer and about some of my books.

In the late afternoon, we headed to youngest daughter's home in Camarillo. Lori and her hubby fixed us a wonderful dinner. Afterwards, of course, we had cake and ice cream. What a great birthday celebration.

Photo is of me, granddaughter, Lori and Dana.



Mason Canyon said…
Looks like a wonderful celebration. Great photos. Hope you have a wonderful year.

Thoughts in Progress
The picture of the group I labeled wrong, it's me, granddaughter, Dana and Lori. We had a fun time. Thank you, Mason, for all your wonderful support.
LauraR said…
You look great, Marilyn.

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