This and That

This are photos I planned to post with my blog about Simon Wood at the San Joaquin Sisters in Crime.

The darling young girl has been a part of the San Joaquin Chapter of Sisters in Crime since she was teenie. As soon as she was old enough, she took on the job of passing out the raffle tickets for the raffle that takes place at each meeting. She's always been a cutie and a sweet girl. I'm proud to have her as a friend.

Simon was given several awards by our chapter, meaningful but also funny and that's what's happening in the photo of him and Kate Anderson with the chapter president in the background, JoAnn Lucas.

That was the "this".

The "that" is I have a new computer and it's driving me crazy. I'm having a hard time finding things. I don't know how to put my information into my Quicken program. Neither of my word processing programs are working right. I lost Firefox and can't seem to get it to load right. The Outlook program is a new one but half my address book has disappeared. I'm not fond of Explorer and can't get things to stick in it that I need.

Oh, well, I'll eventually have it where I can use it. Hoping the computer guru will return and help me fix the worst of it.



Sue McGinty said…
Glad most of your computer woes are behind you. Wish I could have been at SJC SinC to see Simon again.
Sue McGinty said…
The cutie pie (I'm dating myself) in the pic is Kate's daughter, correct.
Simon was great as usual.

No, it's Kate's granddaughter.


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