What Do I Do Next?

I had a great month on my blog tour letting people know about Lingering Spirit. The blog tour did make a difference in my Amazon rating--and for one day, my book was in the bestseller list for supernatural romances. None of my other books have ever been in the 100 best seller list.

Before my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree book comes out--it hasn't been through the editing process yet, so not sure it will meet the September pub date promised--I'd like to keep up interest in Lingering Spirit.

This month I have two in-person appearances, one at the Nipomo Library (near Santa Maria) on Saturday the 21st from 9 - 2 and then I'm headed back up to Oakhurst to the Willow Bridge Bookstore on August 28th to talk about working with small presses to interested writers at 2 p.m.

Anyone else have any ideas about what I can do to attract new readers to Lingering Spirit? May be ordered by your local bookstore, at Amazon as either an e-book or trade paperback. Or from my website for an autographed copy.



Anonymous said…
Before going to Nipomo library's event on Aug. 21st, perhaps you could get an interview/information about your book into Nipomo's weekly newspaper, the Adobe Press. It's free and delivered to mailboxes every Friday.
Great idea! I tried last year to no avail, but I'll try again. Thanks for the reminder.

Mike Orenduff said…
Congratulation on Lingering Spirit being in one of the top 100 lists at Amazon. I suspect when the forthcoming Tempe Crabtree comes out, it will lend momentum to Lingering Spirit. People who like your writing - and who doesn't? - will read the Tempe Book and want more. Make sure Lingering Spirit is mentioned on the back cover.

Mike Orenduff
Cheryl said…
I was so thrilled to hear this one cracked the top 100 at Amazon. It's a wonderful book.

Have you ever held a large giveaway for people who purchased a copy of your book? The buyers could email you a copy of their receipt and all those who purchase a copy of the book between a certain time periond would be entered to win a nice prize?

I want to do something like that while I am on my tour with The Little Shepherd Boy in October, November, and December. I've slowly begun buying little items to put together one or two gift baskets.

I think it would be a good idea to put together a press release now that the tour is over with some blurbs from the reviews you received. Title it something like, "Lingering Spirit by Marilyn Meredith Receives High Praise". Make a brief mention of your virtual book tour, add a book blurb, some short review blurbs, and be sure to mention how it broke the top 100. Also put a link to your video trailer in it.

Let me know if you need any help with it.

Good luck!

Thanks for the idea, Mike.

And Cheryl, I printed out your post, some really good ideas.


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