This is a day in our recent history I hope none of us will forget. It was a day we were attacked on our own soil by a group of people who hate us so much their aim was to kill as many of us as possible.

We need to take the time to remember how horrified we were when we saw those airplanes crash into the Twin Towers. The feeling we got when we knew that it was impossible for everyone to escape, how we felt about those who sacrificed their lives trying to save people they didn't even know, how we felt over the next days as we learned about the individuals who were lost.

Remember the horrible reality of the plane crashing into the Pentagon and more lost lives. And those brave souls on the plane probably intended to crash into the White House who lost their lives preventing it.

A lot of folks think these were isolated cases, something that can never happen again. That's a foolish belief. Ever since 9/11 our enemies have been planning other horrendous events. Some of them have been prevented thanks to those who are watching for these things--and we've seen some of this on the news. You can be sure there are other attacks that have been prevented that we haven't heard about as well.

We know now that there are terrorist living among us now just waiting for the opportunity for another attack against the American people. It'll be something different. Let's pray complacency doesn't keep those who are supposed to be watching out for our security from seeing threats before they happen.

In any case, we as Americans, need to let everyone know that we love our country despite the things we complain about. Because we live in this country we are allowed to complain loudly and about everything. Many people in other countries are jealous of our freedoms and want to take them away from us. Don't ever forget that.

I thank God every day for our country.

Don't ever forget all the people who have given up their lives to keep us free.



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