Grandma's Bragging Rights

These are some of my youngest grandchild's high school graduation photos. Isn't she beautiful?

Unfortunately, I don't get to see her enough because she lives about a 3 1/2 hour trip away. Also, she's got a busy social life so sometimes when we go, we don't get to see her.

However, in the last few months we've had some quality time with her and got brought up to date on her exciting life.

From the looks of these photos, I think she ought to consider a modeling career. The car is her dad's--but it looks like an ad for the car.

Of course graduation isn't until next June--but they do everything really early these days.

Graduation photos are sure different then when I was a senior. The photographer came in, we lined up one by one, he took 3 shots, we got to pick the one we liked best and that black and white shot is what turned up in the year book. Can't even remember if I bought any for me or my folks. Well--I graduated way back in 1951, what do you expect.

Proud grandma, Marilyn


Mason Canyon said…
You should brag. She is a very beautiful girl and she definitely should be a model. Oh how graduation photos have changed and the graduates seem so much more mature than we did. LOL

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