Heading for San Luis Obispo

While you're reading this, I'll be on my way to SLO. Of course the reason for going is Sunday's Central Coast Book Festival in Plaza Park in front of the San Luis Mission.

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time probably has figured out that we really like to go over to the coast. It's about a 3 plus hour drive. We take a short cut past Corcoran Prison, turning on a far road which eventually takes us to Interstate 5. We're only that for a couple of miles. We got off on 41 and head through the rolling hills until 41 becomes 46 which goes right to Highway 101 where we head south to our destination. In this case, the Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Obispo.

Though the part of California we'll be traveling through doesn't have the change of seasons that you see in other parts of the country there are difference depending upon the time of year. In the early spring, after the rains, the hills are green. A bit later all the wildflowers come out--fields of poppies, lupine and goldenrod and mustard.

As it gets hotter, the fields turn yellow--or golden as my sister likes to say and may be part of the reason for calling California the Golden State.

In autumn there are places along the way where fires have turned the landscape black.

We don't go over during the winter months, mainly because of the Tule fog on our end--though it can be foggy over there too, but nothing like the fog we get.

We're looking forward to our stay in the Apple Farm Inn. We stayed there once before and it was delightful.

That evening we plan to have dinner with fellow author and friend, Madeline Gornell.



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