Mitchell Family Reunion

Thanks to two granddaughters and a niece, we now have annual reunions. We call it the Mitchell Family Reunion after my dad's family. Though a lot of us attend, there's not a Mitchell among us--my sis and cousin started life as Mitchells, but we've had our married names much, much longer.

The two granddaughters, married with children, make all the reservations and plans. They looked long and hard for a place everyone could afford that was also easy to get to. All the tourist spots were much too expensive. They found a Holiday Inn Express on the outskirts of Barstow that was not only inexpensive, served a free full breakfast, but was in-between the family living in Southern California, those in Central California and the large contingency in Las Vegas.

My niece (only one I have) plans the games for the little kids, but a lot more goes on too.

Two of my daughters are doing Friday night's dinner. Then we'll spend the evening visiting and playing cards. We love to play this game called Estimation that was my parents' favorite card game. It's loud, silly and any age can play it.

On Saturday morning everyone will take advantage of the free breakfast. The first activity for the kids is a scavanger hunt through the hotel. (The hotel is wonderful to us.) There will be a triathalon where the kids have to swim, run around the outside of the hotel and do exercises. There will also be water games. Lunch will be served. In the afternoon, a family picture. You have no idea what a chore that is. People kind of do their own thing for awhile--of course there's the pool and there is a big outlet mall nearby.

Dinner will be chili beans which I'll have cooking all day. That evening we'll have a talent show and a Wii bowling tournament (my hubby's favorite), and then more games. A hardy bunch play pinochle into the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday a.m. of course lots more visiting, the free breakfast, and a bug hunt by the pool. Because we have all ages from babies to we matriarchs ( my sis and two female cousins) there is always something for everyone to do.

At 2 p.m. on Saturday I'm having an impromptu book signing in the closed (well, it's dark in there anyway) breakfast room. Only bringing my latest books in case one of my relatives would like to buy one.

People start saying goodbye after the bug hunt. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone--and I do hope I remember to take pictures. I'm not very good about that. If I do, I'll post them after I get home.



Vicki Rocho said…
Wow. that's impressive. Our family reunions were just picnics at a local park. 2-3 hours and we were done.

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