My Cousin Barbara at Our Family Reunion

Soon I'll have some pics to share from our family reunion.

Of course I was thrilled to see all my family members--but one it's always great to visit with is my cousin, Barbara. I only see her once a year at this event. She's eleven months younger than I am and she's not computer savvy--no email or Facebook to keep in touch.

We grew up one block away from each other. Our fathers were brothers and of course we spent a lot of time together at one house or another. One memory we shared was skating down the hill on a very steep sidewalk and to stop we ran into a neighbor's garage door. She didn't appreciate it, but we did it anyway.

Despite her reluctance to embrace technology (oh, she does have an old-fashioned cell phone) she is very adventuresome.

When her husband was alive--he was a world renowned professor of bugs of all kinds--can't spell the "e" word--and they traveled all over the world looking for bugs.

When her grandchildren turned ten one by one (she has 6) she took each one to the destination of their choice--Italy, Central America, Greece, Greenland, etc. And in between times, she traveled with groups to such interesting places as Borneo and China.

Now that each child has had their dream trip, she's starting over. The eldest grandson has chosen to go to the Upper Amazon. But before they go there, she has a trip planned to some remote place in China. Pretty good for a 76 year old grandmother.

I don't envy her at all, I don't like to be on planes for such a long time--but I cheer her on.

We had a great time visiting and playing our favorite card game, Estimation, with a whole slew of relatives.



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