My First View of a Corpse Outside of a Funeral

This happened in a most imappropriate setting amongst a bunch of women all taking Early Childhood Education.

The time period was soon after California decided anyone working with children in day care, pre-schools and the like, should have some college credits in Early Childhood Education. For those wanting to be teachers an AA degree was created.

Most of the classes I took were valuable and things I could use in a classroom, Music, Crafts, Cooking, Exercise, and of course more scholarly classes about children and how they grow, physically and psychologically.

One of the classes was labeled Science for Early Childhood. I expected fun experiments that kids could do. The professor taught all sorts of science classes but obviously had not a clue what he should teach people that they could use for programs for kids.

I remember that he taught us about why there are so many fires in the foothills of California. Interesting, but not something very useful.

One night we came into the class and on each desk was a dead cat, body skinned and cut open with all the organs visible. Yuk! I don't even remember what that particular class was about.

The next time we came to class, the professor rolled out a metal cart with the a naked female corpse, like the cats, cut open with organs visible. The smell was horrendous, formaldehyde mainly. Disgusting. I have no idea what he talked about.
I do remember feeling sad that this poor woman who no doubt had signed a paper to donate her remains was being used in such an inappropriate and disrespectful manner.

Looking back, I wonder why none of us complained to the administration. All I can think is that we'd already invested so much time and we just wanted our grade and credit and to get out of there.

I also think the professor took great delight in shocking his classroom full of mostly middle-aged women.

Though I'd seen many people in caskets, prettied up for viewing, this was my first time of seeing a corpse in such a manner. Frankly, though I write about dead bodies, I don't want a repeat of what I saw in my Early Childhood Education Class.



Vicki Rocho said…
Ewww. That's horrid. No warning? I'd think he'd at least say at the end of class, "Next class we're going to look at cat carcasses" or SOMETHING.

Eww. Eww. Eww.

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