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Recently I wrote about working with small presses, now I'd like to tell you about the two I have at the moment, Mundania and Oak Tree Press, and I hope for a long time.

Though they are both small presses, they are very different. Mundania is much larger than Oak Tree and has a fairly big staff of editors and cover artists. They also have different imprints from fantasy to erotic romance--and I am one of their few mystery authors.

Mundania posts royalties once a month, though if you haven't earned $25 you won't see it until you do. Oak Tree Press does royalties on a quarterly basis. Both publishers let you know exactly what books have sold where--such as book stores (Ingram), Amazon,e-books, Kindle or from the publishers' website. This might give an author some idea of what promotion is working, but it's hard to figure out because it takes so long for a royalty to get back to the publisher.

Both publishers are quick to answer questions--but I know neither like to be bugged. How do I know this? One of Mundania's editors is on Facebook on often lets her hair down about authors that are a pain--no names, but the offenses are there. I'm personal friends with Oak Tree's publisher and the acquisitions editor and have heard horror stories from them too.

You have no idea how nice it is to be on friendly terms with your publisher and know exactly what you can expect.

One thing I've learned over the years with every publisher I've been with--don't count on the publishing date being exact--things happen. I always wait to plan in-person events until I actually have books in hand. With blog tours, I plan them a month after the date the book was promised--even then it might get a bit scary.

Since I'm writing two very different series, it's nice to have a different publisher for each of them.

Marilyn Meredith


Clarissa Draper said…
I'm sure author can be a pain when their babies are on the line. Great post.

Monti said…
Thanks for sharing your experiences, Marilyn.


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