Proofing Gremlins

You have no idea how many times authors and editors go over their manuscripts and then the galley proofs. And it never seems to matter-when the book comes out, there are those strange typos and glitches.

Lingering Spirit was not only proofed by the publisher of Oak Tree Press, it has been proofed years ago by the first publisher, and yes, I'd gone over it numerous times.

But now that it's out in book form I've learned there are numerous errors.

All I can tell you is that there is this ugly little gremlin with green warts all over him, who gleefully jumps from page to page to see where he can leave his mark. That has to be the answer.

With my upcoming book, Invisible Path, my critique group has gone over every page, to be fair, I've done a lot of editing and rewriting since then.

But from there it went to the publisher. The editor went over it once and sent it to me with corrections, then she sent it back again with more.

The galley proof arrived and I printed it out and decided to go through it from the back to the front--as I'd heard this was a good way to catch mistakes. Sure enough, I found a bunch.

We'll just have to see how the gremlin does with it. Wow, I hope he's out to lunch that day.



Nancy Lynn Jarvis said…
Hi Marilyn,
Those gremlins are sneaky little guys. After beta readers, an editor, and a copy editor finished with "Buying Murder" guess what turned up? A typo on page one.

Granted the typeface on the first three pages simulates handwriting, but even so...

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