Some of my Friends at the Central Coast Book Fest

Book Festivals are among my favorite promotional events. The one in San Luis Obispo is a particular favorite. The location in the plaza behind the San Luis Mission is ideal.

One thing about being near the coast the weather will change all through the day. It was chilly enough in the a.m. for a wrap. Midday it was warm. By the end of the festival, the wind had picked up to the point that it was actually blowing over some of the umbrellas.

As usual, I hardly took any photos--but here are two. One is of good friend Madeline Gornell. She will soon have a mystery out that is centered on the old Route 66 and she's beginning her pre-promo.

The other two gals were selling their books a the Central Coast Sisters in Crime booth, both good friends. Victoria Heckman is the president of that Sisters in Crime chapter and writes books set in Hawaii. She's also a popular teacher in the area and several of her students stopped by to tell her "hi." I've known Victoria since her boys were little, now one is in college and the other in high school. We've had fun together on several mystery panels.

Sunny Frazier is the other one in the photo. Her books are set in the Central Valley. She and I have been friends for a long time. We also have done several successful presentations together.

While we manned our posts, several people stopped by that I've met at different times and places. I think one of the perks of book festivals is all the people you get to talk with.

The next one we are all going to is going to be at the Hanford Mall inside in front of the new Kohl's on Saturday, October 2nd, from 10 to 2. If you live in the area, do come see us.

Remember, Christmas is coming and an autographed books makes a great gift.



M.M. Gornell said…
Oh Marilyn,what a great time we had! I so enjoyed talking to everyone-- friends, and readers--and of course, your dear hubby Hap! I love Book Festivals too--for me, one of the best parts of being an author. Looking forward to seeing you in Hanford, Oct 2. Love that area of California too. What a great Fall...

Yes, I'm looking forward to Hanford on the 2nd. too.


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