Bouchercon Itself

Bouchercon was huge. Lots and lots of people. In fact, so many that there were some that I knew were there that I never ran into.

The hotel was also really large and confusing to find all the places where the different panels and events were taking place.

Everyone found the hospitality room, of course. The Northern California chapters of Sisters in Crime and MWA served as the hosts and did they ever work hard. Drinks and goodies were available all through the day.

I was on what was called a continuing coversation. Different topics were discussed at different time with different people. The conversation I was involved in was about procedurals--Michael Black, a Chicago cop I know pretty well, was one of my fellow conversationalist, as was Dr. Lyle--who I admire because of his knowledge of forensics and have asked him a lot of questions via the Internet.

I have to admit I didn't go to many panels--it was far more fun to visit with people I know but don't get to see often.

I had wonderful converstations with Kathleen Ryan, Bonnie Hearn Hill (pictured above with me), of course my roommate, Gay Totl Kinman, (pictured), the two librarians who are running the next Mayhem in the Midlands, JoAnn Lucas who is president of the San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime, Lance Zarimba, who'll soon have a new book out, and so many more--plus the new people I met here and there.

Frankly, this was kind of my intention. There were far too many super star authors in attendance to even worry about trying to sell my own books like Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Val McDermid, Marcia Clark (yes, the Marcia Clark),Laurie R. King and many, many more. No, I didn't have any insightful conversations with any of them.

In the next few day, I'm going to write about some of the things I learned at the panels I did go to.



C. N. Nevets said…
What a packed conference!
Yes, it definitely was, hard to decide what to do.
Morgan Mandel said…
A while back I went to Bouchercon when it was in Chicago. Yes, it was kind of confusing with all the panels you could go to and all the long lines for the famous authors who were signing books. I didn't have any books out at the time.

Morgan Mandel

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