California's Budget Dilemma Hits Home

California's legislators and Governor are supposed to pass a budget by July 1. It is now October and still no budget. This is playing havoc on all state-funded businesses.
It seems to me if the legislators didn't get paid until the budget was passed and had to experience what all these people who rely on the state are now going through, they might get to business instead of taking summer vacations. (Yes, they did.)

My 19 year-old-granddaughter who lives on her own works for a state-funded day care. People who leave their children in this day-care are charged by the amount they make at their jobs--and the remainder is state-funded. The day-care has continued to operate the last few months but has finally exhausted its funds and had to close.

Not only does it affect all the teachers who work there but also the people who leave their children while they are working. Many have had to quit their jobs.

The owners of the day care have helped all their employees get on unemployment. My granddaughter is going to welfare today to apply for food-stamps.

This is just one example--the same scenario is going on all over the state.

We should do something about this situation. Somehow, as voters, we must change this. Until the budget is passed, the legislators should not get paid. Who else get paid when they aren't doing their job?

I seldom use my blog to rant, but I had to spout about this.



Oh, I completely agree with you on this one, Marilyn. Those legislators SHOULD lose their pay until they pass the budget.

They go through this every year, and each time, it gets worse.

It is unconscionable for them to go on with their lives as usual when so many people are losing more everyday.
Hi, Laurel, it is indeed a dilemma and I don't know why something can't be done about it.

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