Camp Fire Girl Reunion Photos

We had such a great time at the Camp Fire Girl reunion.

These early photos are hilarious--check out the young me with curlers in my hair. I know we were at Bubbling Springs Park in Port Hueneme on a very foggy morning. Can't remember what all we did, but I think it involved catching crawdads.

The photo with the larger group was a trip we were supposed to be making to the Griffith Park Observatory in L.A. My car broke down and we ended up at my parents--but that worked out great because my dad had his own observatory on top of the house and the girls (and leaders) had a great time. In the photo is also a pic of my mom and my oldest son, Mark, who passed away from cancer when he wss in his 40s.

My oldest daughter Dana hosted a 20 year reunion of our Camp Fire group 20 years ago and then again, this past Friday night. Compare the photos.

I had a great time.

On the couch in the latest photo is Ruth Klinger, the first leader of the group when they were Blue Birds. I took over at the end of the first year. The woman in the middle is Marian Schleicher, who not only went on many of our camping trips, she became the Camp Fire leader for my 2nd daughter's group.

Of course girls left and new ones came in.

We had so much fun talking about our memories. I learned right along with them how to cook a turkey buried in the sand, all kinds of camping adventures including back-packing into the Sespe.



Mason Canyon said…
Sounds like a great reunion. Love the earlier photos, as well as the current ones. It's always fun to look back at how we've changed and in the case of the Camp Fire Girls - all the things you had fun learning.

Thoughts in Progress
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Sorry for for the previous delete, I did something????

I wanted to say, great photos. It made me remember one of a much younger me when I was Den Mother to my boy's Boy Scout Troop.

Remember when we had all that extra energy. Oh for those days again!


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