Eeek! Where are My Books?

My book launch for Invisible Path is schedule for Saturday, October 23rd--yes, this Saturday and I learned on Monday that there had been a problem with the bar code holding up production of the books.

I ordered 50, I've got reviewers waiting for copies to read before my blog tour in November. Time is running out.

This happens too often and certainly makes me nervous.

The last word is some of the books will be delivered via air transport, so I'll at least have some for the launch. I've sent a notice to our newspaper already and of course a poster for the bookstore, Books Off Main in Porterville, they have hanging in the store.

I'll be there at 2 p.m. with books or not.

All of you who read my blog posts, pray and think positive thoughts that my books arrive in time.

Marilyn, who hates when this happens.


C. N. Nevets said…
You've got it, Marilyn.
Anne R. Allen said…
Yikes! Keeping digits crossed.
Mason Canyon said…
Oh my. Take a deep breath, now the books will show up in time and all will be well.
(Keeping my fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts anyway).

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