From Bouchercon, Keeping a Series Fresh

This is one of the panel's I attended with some great authors: Larry GAndle, Parnell Hall, Twist Phelan, Donna Andrews, Ken Wishnia, Marcia Talley. I can't tell which one said what, but here are some of their hints:

Boring to have excessive back story.

Be careful not to let the series go stale.

The character needs to grow.

If you want the series to continue, don't tie everything up.

Keep the character arc slow.

Having two series makes it easier to keep it fresh because as an author you go back and forth.

Launch the character into a new place of topic.

Learn something new and involve the character in it.

Some series are publisher driven, wanting the same thing only different.

Looking to replicate results.

Most readers who read series feel like it's catching up with an old friend.

Parnell sang us a song.



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