Invisible Path, Book Launch Hopefully

On Saturday, October 23rd I planned to have a book launch for Invisible Path, the latest in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series.

Oh, yes, they were ordered in plenty of time, but I learned on Monday that there was a problem with the bar code on the back cover and had to be re-done.

I learned from my publisher on Tuesday that there was no way he could get books to me on time. Am I disappointed? Sure. But it's not the end of he world. I've sent a message to the book store and to the newspaper. Fortunately, I hand't sent out any flyers yet.

I also need books to send out for review to people who need to read them before my blog tour in November. The publisher has promised to take care of that for me.

Sadly, this happens a lot in the book business. Planning has to be done for a book launch and I thought I did it in plenty of time since September is the usual time for a new Tempe book to come out.

I am not faulting my publisher as a lot has been going on in the publishing business and at the press's own business.

I'll just wait for my copies of the book before I plan anything else.



Jackie Vick said…
Sorry to hear that, but I'm sure you handled it with your usual grace.
Angela said…
That stinks! When you get ready to do the tour, give me a shout out and we will feature you at Authors and Appetizers.

Hope those books come soon!
It's not the end of the world, and not the horrifying news some people get. I'll live, not worth throwing a fit over--these things happen.

Angela, thanks. I'll pop over and let you know once I do have books.
Mason Canyon said…
Hopefully the books will be in soon for you.

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