More Reunion Photos

Here are some more pictures.

Granddaughter Melissa with her hubby, Billy. Melissa and my other granddaughter Genie, and niece, Linda, were the organizers for the event, each having particular duties they were in charge of. They did a great job.

The shot of my oldest girl and youngest shows that the theme was the color blue.

Daughter Lori cooked tortillas for our taco super on Friday night.

The only thing that went wrong was one of my great granddaughters got ill late Saturday night and on Sunday morning everyone pulled out after breakfast.

All together 49 people showed up--though they weren't all there together at the same time. One came only for Friday night and Saturday and went home in the afternoon. A couple of families arrived late Friday night and went home after dinner on Saturday. One family came at Saturday afternoon after a kid's baseball game and went home after the talent show. We had some missing who came other years and a couple of new ones this year.

The big thing we always do is play Estimation, a card game using 3 decks of cards. Lot of people play--all ages welcome. We do this in honor of my dad (the Mitchell of the Mitchell Family Reunion) because he loved to play this game--as did my mother.

We played Friday night, Saturday afternoon before dinner, and Saturday night. Of course there are those who play other games, and we had movies for the little kids.

Anyway, that's all I'll share about our wonderful reunion until next year. Needless to say, it went by far too quickly.



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