Packing for Bouchercon

Hubby and I have attended many Bouchercons in the past--but I've skipped the last few.
This year it's in San Francisco. Hubby dislikes San Francisco, but author friend Gay Totl Kinman asked if I'd be her roommate and I jumped at the chance.

The first time Gay and I met was when we arranged to be roommates at Epicon. Since that time we've been at other conferences together, roomed again in New York and Arlington VA for Edgar week and Malice Domestic. It's been awhile since I've seen her, so I'm looking forward to our reunion as well as a good time at Bouchercon.

Because there are so many superstars at Bouchercon, I'm not going to worry about selling books. I plan to have a great time going to panels that interest me, some of the side events we've signed up for, and seeing all my author friends and making some new friends. Oh, of course I'll have my cards handy to hand out to folks--but this time my main purpose is to enjoy myself.

I plan to only take a carry-on with all my clothes--so--the plan is to have clothes that I can mix and match.

I'll let you know how that worked out.



Hi Marilyn!

This will be my first Bouchercon ~ any advice for a newbie?

Relax and enjoy this one ~ you deserve it!

See you soon!
Kathleen, wear comfortable shoes. Visit the Hospitality Room and you can usually find enough to eat to tide you over until dinner. Look for me.
Thanks for the words of wisdom, I appreciate it! I'll be sure to look for you.
Shirley Wells said…
I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

I'm envious. One of these days, I'll cross the pond and be there.

dragonmagick said…
Hey, Marilyn, sounds like you have a plan for easy travel and a great roommate while you are in SF. I've never been to Boucheron, but maybe next year I will make it.

Have fun and enjoy yourself.
I'm really looking forward to it, even if I don't have my usual traveling companion and roommate. There are so many people going I haven't see for ages--I'm really looking forward to it.

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