Some Comments from David Baldacchi

"Best fiction I ever wrote was when I was a lawyer."

David Baldacchi was one of the famous writers in attendance at Bouchercon.

He said he was a library rat when he was kid.

His sister was a journalist and went along with her on her interviews.

When he moved to DC, his paranoia increased.

His theme in all his book answers the question, "What is justice?" There is always a quest for justice in his books.

He believes in believable motivations for his bad guys such as: Left out of society; some are missing a chromosome, a silent inhibitor or no inhibitor at all. Some are like Ted Bundy, with a freaky brain. Others are born normal but change.

He takes an idea and captures it into a book.

He writes for himself about what fascinates him. He's committed to the subject matter.



Ricky Bush said…
Thanks for the quick insight into a great writer.

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