Some Pithy Advice from Authors at Bouchercon

The photo was taken at Fisherman's Wharf.

Here are some tidbits that I wrote in my notebook while listening to different authors speak on panels.

Don't worry so much about the rules, just do what works for you. The question to answer it, does it work?

On a Writer's Block panel some of the comments were:

Everyone has a bad day here and there.

Writer's Block might be a form of depression.

Naming it will not make it go away.

There were several one-book writers with best sellers: Invisible Man, Dr. Zhivago, Gone with the Wind, Wuthering Heights, To See Mocking Bird.

Writer's block could be emotional: panic, fear, what might come after you've published.

Cures for Writer's Block:

Take a day off
Step away from the computer.
Be playful.
If blocked, may need to do more research.
Read the last 30 pages you wrote.
Having a deadline may get rid of writer's block.
Treat writing as a job, have a schedule and stick to it.
No day time TV

(I'll have more tomorrow on a different topic from Bouchercon)



Jackie Vick said…
Good advice, as always.
Hi, Jackie. I didn't go to as many panels as I would've liked, kept getting side-tracked. Those I went to were terrific though.

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