Another Wedding

In January we're having another wedding in the family. Granddaughter Jessi is marrying her boyfriend, Jerry.

This one will be done in the Mexican tradition--at least mostly. His family is handling a lot of the arrangements and his female relatives cooking the food. (Yum!)

Year ago when my granddaughter Melissa was married, her Mexican grandmother prepared all the food for her reception and it was amazing and delicious.

Back in the day when my children were getting married, I was the one to cook all the food. The first one to marry, Dana, was married in the chapel at the Port Hueneme Naval Base. The reception was held at our house and all the food except the cake came from my kitchen.

Next one to marry was Lisa, her nuptials were held at the Presbyterian Church in Hueneme, and again the reception at our house and I made all the food.

Mark came next. He and his bride went to Vegas, but again the reception was at our house and I was the cook. (This was the first wedding. The second one years later, was more or less the same, wedding in Vegas, reception at our house, I cooked.)

Lori planned and paid for her own wedding. The reception was in her eldest sister's backyard and yes, I cooked all the food.

Matthew also married two times. First one a church wedding, reception at our house and I cooked. Second one, Last Vegas, reception at our house, I cooked.

I've done other big events at our home where I did all of the cooking, including my mom's 80th birthday party and 100 people came some bringing extra dishes to share.

I don't do that anymore. In fact this year, I'm not even cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, hubby and I are heading down to Camarillo to have dinner with youngest daughter and her family. I'm looking forward to seeing her middle son who has traveled from Aspen to spend Thanksgiving with his mom.

However, since I love to have left-overs, I plan to cook a turkey the next week.

I still love to cook just not for so many people.

In any case, I'll just be a happy grandma at the coming wedding.



Vicki Rocho said…
Congratulations! What happy news!

Wish I could crash for some of the food--sure to be fantastic! YUM
Monti said…
With all the weddings and you cooking, I have to wonder how you've ever found time to write! I would have had a nervous breakdown!!!

Congratulations to your granddaughter.

I just realized how cold it is and here my poor granddaughter and beau are in their bathing suits! Brrrrr!

Thanks, Vicki, I know the food will be great.

Monti, you need to know that I raised 5 kids and we always had extras at the table. I like to cook, but I just don't cook that big anymore.
Sounds wonderful! Congratulations! And I hope everything goes well. :)

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