An Axe to Grind, Epic e-award finalist

I am thrilled to announce that An Axe to Grind is a finalist in the mystery/suspense category of the Epic e-awards.

An Axe to Grind is available on Kindle as are most of the rest of the series.

I hadn't planned to enter this year but at the last minute my publisher entered An Axe to Grind for me. Needles to say, I'm thrilled that she did and equally thrilled that I'm a finalist.

Woo hoo! Can you hear me cheering all over the Internet?

And a big P.S., have you heard about Blog Jog Day? Get in on the action.

It's happening November 21st, for information go to: and to to sign up.



Congrats, Marilyn! That's very exciting....

Have a great weekend.
Monti said…
That's wonderful news, Marilyn! The conference is in my back yard this year--Williamsburg.

Mason Canyon said…
Wonderful news, congratulations.

Thoughts in Progress
Thank you, Laurel, Anne, Mason and Monti. I'm not going to the conference unfortunately, it's just too complicated to get there from here.


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