Boo Hoo, No Mystery Cruise

I had a blog all written about heading to Long Beach to the hotel and from the hotel to the cruise ship. If you've been watching the news on TV you've seen the cruise ship that's in distress and having to be tugged back to San Diego. That's the ship we were supposed to go on. Needless to say, our cruise has been canceled. I'm just thankful that the ship didn't hang in there until we were the ones on it.

The upside is that we all get our money back and the organizers of the mystery part of the cruise plan to do it again next November.

Yes, I'm disappointed, mostly because of the people I'm not going to see. Two of my publishers were coming and many friends I only see once a year or less. And my sis and her hubby were coming too and I looked forward to spending a week with them.

We came up with a remedy for that one--sis and hubby live in Las Vegas, so as you read this we will be driving toward their home to spend a few days with them. We're going to make it as festive as possible. No we aren't going to gamble or go to shows--at least not that kind of show.

We will go out to eat and take in a movie or two, but mostly we plan to just have a great time enjoying each other's company.

And if you haven't seen it yet, take a peek at the book trailer for Invisible Path.



Anonymous said…
Sorry there is no cruise, but Sleuthfest is in March and Fort Lauderdale has one of the biggest ports for cruise ships in the country. Easy to hop on a cruise after coming to Sleuthfest.
Oline Cogdill
Anne R. Allen said…
Whew! The Sisters in Crime cruisers dodged a bullet there, didn't they? So glad to hear you'll get a vacation anyway. From what I heard from locals who were on the ill-fated ship, Las Vegas is going to be the winner in all this. Everybody said, "Next year, it's Vegas: no more boats." Vegas needs a major financial boost, so maybe it will all work out for the best.
Monti said…
Sounds like a much better vacation to me!

Love your book trailer!


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