Have to Brag Just a Bit

Invisible Path has received some great reviews but I'd like to share a bit of one of the latest.

"It's this sense of social drama that most strongly characterizes Marilyn Meredith's book. The dramatic tension in the story is that between reservation Indians and outsiders, whether they're white or Indian; and between militia fanatics and people from outside their area, and outside their white culture. Nestled inside that tense tapestry, is the murder mystery of a young Indiana man out to make a name and a fortune -- a murder that everyone seems to want pinned on Jesus Running Bear, even without any clear evidence against him.

"What makes the writing special the way in which Marilyn Meredith handles the characters. This is no literary novel; her touch is light and gentle. And, yet, there is a simple honesty in the way characters are portrayed without judgment of framing preconceptions that is almost shockingly matter-of-fact. In one breath, we have characters spouting racist remarks, and that's just the way they are. In the next, we have Indians following their traditional beliefs, and that's just they way they are. In the next, we have Deputy Crabtree's husband, a Christian pastor, praying for her, and that's just the way he is. The characters in Invisible Path may not have their psychological scars revealed and explored, but they are allowed to be themselves with no pretense and no restraint. That's what I found remarkable about this entertaining novel." --C.N. Nevets

Can you see why I so happy?



Anne R. Allen said…
Ooooh Nevets is an awesome reviewer! What a rave!
Mason Canyon said…
This is a wonderful review, and well deserved.

Thoughts in Progress
Cheryl said…
This is a great review.
Nevets is an awesome reviewer, and I can see why you are happy! His praise is justly deserved, I am sure. I'll be reading this book, as well. :)

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