Making the Most of Any Writing Conference

Once again, for those of you following my blog tour, I'll be at Literarily Speaking.
Be sure and leave a comment.

While I'm at the mystery writing conference on the high seas, I thought I'd give my views on how best to make the most of a writing conference. Of course this is different than a fan convention.

At a writing conference you'll hear people presenting about different aspects of writing. It's interesting to note that each author approaches writing in a different way. You may not agree with everything you hear, but keep an open mind. Listen and take notes.

If a writing conference does nothing else but give you the urge to sit down and write, it's worth whatever you paid to go. I've never been to a writing conference where I haven't learned something.

You'll meet lots of people, exchange cards with them. As your writing career grows, they may be able to help you or you them.

Now, I off to participate in this writer's conference.

Happy Writing and Buenos Dias.



Monti said…
Marilyn, I want to visit your blog tour but can't find the links.

Thanks for the conference tips.

Of course I'm not on the cruise but am still at my sis' and usinf my teeny computer. Monti,do a blog search or I'll put the link up when I get home>

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