One of the Panels on the Canceled Mystery Cruise

We had a great panel all planned for the mystery cruise on setting. Madeline Gornell was the moderator and did an exceptional job letting us know what questions she planned to ask.

One thing I wanted to point out is how important setting is to any mystery--or any other kind of novel.

The reader needs to know where the action, dialogue, adventure, romance, whatever, is taking place.

Setting can be an important part of the plot.

Setting can add to the mystique or mood of the story.

Years ago when I was a Writer's Digest School instructor, too often I saw manuscripts with dialogue and I had no clue where the conversation was taking place.

Setting should be an integral part of whatever is going on in the story.

In my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries the setting is often similar to the places where I live. Tempe often has to travel into the mountains or on the Indian Reservation and I love to use those places as backgrounds for her adventures.

So instead of talking about this on our cruise, I shared a bit with you.



M.M. Gornell said…
We would have had a great panel, Marilyn! We'll have to catch up "next time." And I was so looking forward to meeting Lou Allin, Peggy Ehrhart, and Cynthia Riggs-our other panel members.

So glad you shared some pointers on your blog, and of course you're right on the mark!

I also mentioned the cruise in my blog today (scheduled to appear early this beautiful Sunday morning)

Hi, Madeline, we would be getting ready to go on board. Next year.
Monti said…
I bet the writer's part of the cruise would have been great! It's just the boat part I wouldn't like. Settings can make a story, I think. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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