Some Scary Stuff I Learned from Dr. Eric Hickey

Dr. Hickey is a world-renowned criminalogist and profiler as well as a college professor of all sorts of criminalogy.

I heard him speak at a Sisters in Crime meeting this past Satruday. Here are just a few of the facts I learned.

Many "peepers" begin when they are young and escalate.

Those with a panty feish are what is called trophy collectors. They used to steal undies off clotheslines, now have to break into houses to get the panties.

Hot Burglaries are burglars who sneak into your house to steal, but like to watch you sleep.

In California there are 120,000 registered sex offenders and there are at least twice as many. Most are interested in kids.

Rapists and child molesters have no acceptance of their responsiblity. (He showed us photos of convicted child molesters and many of them were church youth leaders, ministers, and in other trusted positions.)

Someone who has a lack of nurturing, a part of their brain dies.

Sociapaths don't learn from their mistakes.

That's probably enough to let you know it's a scary world out there.



Monti said…
Wow, that's a lot of registered sex offenders! I wonder if Virginia has as many proportionately, or does California have more than its share.

Vicki Rocho said…
fascinating, but in a creepy way.
California is big and the land of fruits and nuts--so I suspect we may have more than others. However. Dr. Hickey did tell about a murderer/rapist who was released recently and moved to a state in New England that has no law to have sex offenders register and be monitored.


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