Stopping at Authors and Appetizers Today

On this particular blog, the blog owner is interested in recipes.

For my blog today, I gave a recipe that Deputy Tempe Crabtree's husband often cooks. It's one of my favorites too. Tempe can cook, but Hutch cooks more often than she does.

Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I like to cook too. What I don't like is doing it every single day. I cooked for my family, hubby and five kids, for all their growing up years on a limited budget. I know how to make the most mundane meals taste good. When nearly all my children had left the nest, hubby and I purchased a licensed residential care home for six women and I was back to cooking for a lot of people every single night. We've retired from that, but we've had various grandsons living with us, other relatives living next door, and I'm still the chief cook. I have no idea how to cook for two and probably will never learn.

I enjoy cooking things I've ordered in restaurants.

While I'm eating, I try to figure out what all the ingredients are. I do fairly well. Sometimes the dish doesn't taste exactly like what it did in the restaurant--especially if it's Thai food, but it will still be good.

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