Visiting with Kurt Kamm

And I'll be here today at

Kurt Kamm writes about fire-fighting. I've interviewed him on my blog and now the tables have turned and I'm visiting him on his.

I have not met Kurt in person as yet, but hope too at the Public Safety Writers Association's conference in July.

He asked me to write something about fire fighting for his blog. In my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries, her son Blair has always been interested in fire-fighting and is now in college taking fire science. In Invisible Path, Blair comes home for the Christmas holidays and helps Tempe with the investigation of the murder of a popular young Indian.

Looking back on the other books in the series, often fire is a part of the plot.

There's a wild fire in Kindred Spirits and two house fires in Judgment Fire.

Be sure and take a look at Kurt's blog and see what I had to say about fires. Please leave a comment while you're there.



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