Completed Another Christmas Tradition

One thing I've learned through the years is that traditions are never really quite the same.

Yesterday started out with everyone in our writer's group agreeing to meet at a restaurant in Porterville (17 miles from Springville where we live) for our annual dinner get-together. Before the day was over we learned that our leader had a health problem she was dealing with and wouldn't make it for the dinner but invited us all over for tea and cookies afterwards.

Via e-mail we agreed we should still meet at the restaurant. It had still been raining and there was lots of flooding everywhere so our son decided we should not drive ourselves. Hubby can no longer drive at night and I really wasn't looking forward to driving through flooded streets, so we agreed to let him take us.
It was pretty bad in places. Two roads that lead to bridges going over the river were closed (not ones we had to take) and there was a lot of standing water on our way to our destination.

He dropped us off at the restaurant and old us to call when we were ready to go. Everyone showed up including one of our members from Springville who I often ride with to the writers' group. His wife came from work in another car. He offered to drive us and we took him up on the offer.

A call to son and I think he was happy not to have to hang around town (actually he and his wife were doing errands) and we rode in our friend's big truck. Standing water, no problem.

After a great dinner and being entertained by a hilarious waiter, we all went to our critique group leader's home where we enjoyed yummy cookies and drink and of course lots of conversation.

So the tradition wasn't exactly as before, but we all got together and enjoyed one another's company and that certainly is a big part of what Christmas traditions are all about.

Merry Christmas



Monti said…
You all are a hardy bunch out there in California. I suspect similar groups in Virginia would have canceled out! The local Kiwanians canceled the annual Christmas dinner that was scheduled for last night in fear there would be more snow over the weekend. There wasn't, but the event had already been canceled, so it was not to be...

Not so unusual since most of us come from pioneer stock. I'm 4th generation Californian with relatives traveling across Mexico to get here, then paddle steamers, jumped ship in Monterey with a bunch of kids, finally making it by wagon and horse to where Springville is today. The gentleman who brought us home is a rancher and his grandparents came by railroad to settle here.
Vicki Rocho said…
What a fun night! Glad you didn't let the rain/flooding stop you.

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