Grandaughter Begins a New Christmas Tradition

Granddaughter Genie planned a trip for Christmas for her family and kept it a secret until a few days before Christmas. She told her hubby (yes, she kept it a secret from him too) and two kids, Peyton and Garrett, that they were celebrating Christmas early and kids got to open some presents. One of the gifts told them where they were going to spend Christmas--Oahu, Hawaii!

In fact, they were leaving the very next day! I don't know everything they did yet, only bits and pieces as she's posted on Facebook.

I know they stayed at a resort that catered to the kids. It rained a lot but didn't stop them from doing all that they planned, including a maze through a pineapple plantation. They snorkled and played in the surf.

One day, the four of them climbed to the top of Diamond Head to see the view. (top pic.)

Peyton decorated a hat which she's wearing in picture #2.

The final picture is of 15 foot waves at the North Shore.

I'm anxious to hear more about their adventure.

Next year it will be hubby's turn to come up with a Christmas trip that has to be a surprise. How the kids are going to pull it off when it's their turn, I'm not sure--but I have a sneaking hunch their grandma (my eldest daughter) will have a hand in helping.



Vicki Rocho said…
Now that looks like fun! I don't know if I could plan a trip and not tell anyone!
I think I erred, I don't think they found where they were going until the day before they left. They're home now and I'm anxious to hear the details.

Anonymous said…
I told everyone the day before we left. There were times I wanted to tell but then I would see how badly they wanted to know and I would keep it to myself. There are really very few surprises in life and I'm proud to say that I pulled one off.
Pictures are coming soon!

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