The Jelly Belly Challenge

You've all heard about the disgusting tasting jelly beans in the Harry Potter books, well it seems Jelly Belly manufactures some of these jelly beans.

Thanksgiving Day one of the games we played was a challenge to see who got the icky jelly belly. It's pretty easy to figure out in these photos.

The first is granddaughter Alyssa and her boyfriend Healy.

The second is me and hubby, I got the bad one. I'm not sure hubby had a clue what was going on.

Daughters Lori and Dana both got centipede guts, which obviously tasted horrible.

Grandson in law got the bad one, great grandson Garrett's was fine.

Caitlyn is accusing grandson (her beau) Gregg of pretending to have a good one.

Both granddaughter Genie and great granddaughter Peyton had good ones.

Alyssa challenged Gregg to another try and Healy is glad not to be in on this one.

Some of the tastes were dirt, booger, and other disgusting flavors.

Oh, what interesting things the Meredith family does for holiday fun.

Yes, we ate the traditional dinner, folks poured over the sale papers, we played a romping game of Estimation, and some left at midnight to go shopping. Not me.



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