Life Getting in the Way of the Holidays

I know this isn't the least bit Christmassey, but I wanted to show a picture of me and my hubby and I like this one.

We've spent two days now waiting in the eye doc's office and finally today, I waited alone while hubby had his cataract removed. This has all been hard on hubby because he love to drive and I've had to do the driving at night because he can't see good at night, and then going to the surgery and coming home. The fact that it's been raining non-stop and the roads are a mess, didn't help. But though I drive myself many places in the dark and the rain, he's always the driver when it's both of us--but for awhile he'll have to depend upon me.

What he seemed to be most interested in after the surgery was going someplace to eat. So after we picked up a medication he needs, we headed to a little cafe that has great breakfasts. Both of us were hungry because I didn't eat either. It doesn't seem fair to eat when the other half can't.

We have to go back to the doc's in the a.m. to have his eyes checked and learn what has to be done next. So poor hubby will have to suffer with me being the driver once again.

In the meantime, things I should be doing for Christmas just aren't getting done, neither are my regular chores.

Oh well, that's the way it has to be.

In any case, I hope your holiday preparations are going better than mine, but I'm thankful that so far all has gone well with hubby's eye surgery.

Merry Christmas,



Vicki Rocho said…
My hubby drives whenever it's the two of us. He makes a really bad passenger, can't handle not being in control of the vehicle.

Wishing fast healing for your hubby!
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