Of Good and Evil by Gerald G. Griffin

My interview of Gerald Griffin:

Marilyn: Tell me something about your background.

Gerald: Born in Flint, Michigan. Attended Mandeville High School there, where in addition to being a member of the track team, I was a varsity athlete on the football team. Received AS from Flint Junior College; BBA from GMI; and my MA and Ph.D. (both in psychology) from Michigan State University. Also, I attended one year at the University of Michigan Medical School.

I was a consulting psychologist in private practice --- individual counseling and therapy, testing, diagnosis, and consultant to industry --- for 14 years in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Marietta, Georgia, during which time I wrote the professional, non-fiction book, THE SILENT MISERY -- WHY MARIAGES FAIL. Then I eased out of
private practice and more into full-time writing, doing ghost writing, screenplays, and writing several novels, three of them published --- THE CORRUPTORS. THE DEATH DISCIPLE, and THE LAST COMING. For more serene surroundings, I moved to Gainesville,Georgia, where I wrote my novel OF GOOD AND EVIL, and am now finishing its sequel, A TIME OF RECKONING.

Married and divorced, with two grown sons. Presently engaged to an English woman.Love traveling, dogs, and networking. I've been in Who's Who, and was honored with the award of being an Outstanding Atlantan, and was listed in Notable Americans of the South and Southeast.

Marilyn: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Gerald: In the ninth grade, when I made my first attempt to write a book
(fiction), and its chapters were read one at a time to my class by my teacher.

Marilyn: What gave you the idea for this book?

Gerald: Members of the Special Forces of the U.S. Military. I wanted to dedicate a story to them by writing a gripping book about one of them.

Marilyn: How much of you is in the book?

Gerald: Hard to say. Most of it came out of my imagination, knowledge, and research. Possibly a hint of myself in a few of the attitudes of some of the characters, especially the protagonist.

Marilyn: What was the road to getting published?

Gerald:Rough! An ordeal of rejections until the right publisher was found.

Marilyn: Have you any advice for aspiring writers?

Gerald: Yes, Be certain you have a passion for writing before you begin. You will need it to develop the discipline and dedication --- no matter what --- to see you through.

Then get a good agent. You'll need luck on that, but that's part of seeing it through!

Marilyn: What's up next for you?

Gerald: I'm just beginning marketing efforts for OF GOOD AND EVIL --- looking more and more for ways to market the novel on the internet, while finishing its sequel,
A TIME OF RECKONING. Then a deserving vacation; perhaps a trip abroad.

Marilyn: Thank you so much, Gerald, you are a most interesting person and the book sounds terrific. Best of luck on your journey as a writer.

Synopsis of OF GOOD AND EVIL
A tormented Green Beret who is plagued by suicidal guilt uses his special gifts to fight tyranny and overcome personal demons.

In Of Good and Evil, author Gerald G. Griffin immerses us in a spellbinding story of good versus evil as seen through the eyes of a Green Beret who was discharged
from the army after the men under his control died in fierce combat and his ensuing anguish becameunbearable.

The characterizations of decency and depravity ebb and flow as Green Beret Ron Sheffield battles mobsters, terrorists, and a government cell while, at the same time, he falls in love, develops mental gifts, and works with the Mafia as a hit man.

This intriguing book will captivate you with accounts of a powerful and humane secret society and mental powers that extend beyond our imaginations. In Of Good and Evil, the lines separating decency and corruption blur, but the message is commanding and clear. In the battle of spirit versus tyranny, an honorable soul is destined to triumph. Don’t miss this chance to see life and its challenges more
clearly. This is a gripping tale of the potency of nobility and humanity.

Of Good and Evil
(ISBN: 978-1-60976-014-4) is for $17.95 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website:
http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/OfGoodAndEvil.html or at www.amazon.com or

“In this age there is nobility of spirit and the courage to preserve and protect that nobility. In the field of fiction we have men of great stature . . . To that list add the name of Gerald
Griffin . . . .” – Nancy Cline, MENSA

About the Author: Gerald G. Griffin grew up in Flint, Michigan, and
graduated from Michigan State University with a Ph.D. He then moved to
Atlanta, Georgia, where he set up a private practice as a psychologist. Gerald
now resides in Gainesville, Georgia where he is working on Of Good and
Evil’s sequel, A Time of Reckoning


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