Porterville Art Gallery Boutique

After spending two whole days at the Art Gallery from 9 to 5, I must tell you, that though it was slow at times, we had two fun days--and sold a lot of books.

As usual, the best customers were the other vendors. Many of them have bought previous books in the series and wanted the next one. There were other people who read about me being there in the paper and came just to buy the latest book.

One nice thing was when anyone asked where they could buy my books at other times, we told them about the new used bookstore in town, Books Off Main, which is located right around the corner from the Art Gallery. Most of the people had no idea it was there. On my way home, I stopped in and the owner told me she had three new customers we sent over.

There was a man there, a potter, who played guitar and clarinet, who serenaded us with Christmas songs and also told some funny stories.

Hubby bought me a gorgeous cross from one of the jewelry makers for Christmas.

I enjoy being around all the artists and we had some great conversations.

Definitely a pleasant way to spend a couple of days.



Vicki Rocho said…
Glad you had a good time!
Vicki, so glad to hear from you. You must get up really early or live on the East Coast somewhere. If the East Coast, how's your weather?


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