The River is Rising

It just keep raining and raining. This is how the river looked yesterday afternoon.

Usually the Tule River is not much of a river as compared to rivers in other places. It comes down from the mountains, fed by snow runoff mostly, and it runs behind our house. We're up above it, but there are many, many homes that are built on low ground.

So far I've heard that the two bridges crossing the Tule going to Globe Drive have been closed off to traffic.

The hill leading up to the Eagle Feather gas station is slowly dropping down onto 190.

We haven't driven anywhere except to take these pictures, so I don't really know anything about flooding condtions first hand. I did hear that 198 in Visalia was closed in place due to big-time flooding.

We've been through other flooding times here in Springville, some have been disastrous for people in the low-lying areas.

I've even written about flooding in my books including one called Guilt by Association where the deputy I was writing about at the time while trying to warn people about the flooding is trapped on the wrong side of the river and takes refuge in a home with a lot of other people who have nowhere else to go. I have copies of it still and it can be purchased from

I'll keep you posted how we're faring here in the foothills.



Anne R. Allen said…
Here on the coast, much of Oceano has been evacuated and downtown Guadalupe is waist-high in water. And more to come. Scary times in CA. Stay dry!
It's not raining as hard today and I've heard the river has gone down under some of the lower bridges. That's scary about Oceano and Guadlupe.
Monti said…
Wow! We are familiar with flooding in our town. Our home is on high land overlooking the creek, but many houses are just a little above sea level overlooking one of the three rivers that surround our little town. Northeasters play havoc here sometimes.

Good luck with the rain stopping.

Ricky Bush said…
And here I sit, down here in Texas, in the middle of a severe drought.
Vicki Rocho said…
Aren't you afraid of getting STUCK if all the roads/bridges around you close? I'm stressing for all of you.

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