Happy 1/1/11

That was fun to write.

Our big celebration yesterday was to go to town, eat lunch and go to the movies. We saw True Grit.

It reminded me a lot of the first one but with better acting. Yes, I know that may be heresy to some of the old True Grit fans and the actors, but John Wayne always played John Wayne in movies. That's the way it was and how everyone liked it. Jeff Bridges has become a fine actor--and he's able to really get into the character he's playing. He made a perfect Rooster Cogburn.

Frankly, I was never the True Grit fan my husband was so one the way home, he pointed out the differences between the two movies. I've heard that this new one conforms more to the book--including much of the dialogue.

I've not been the fan of westerns that my husband is, but I'll watch anything that is a good movie. True Grit is well-done and if you have nothing to compare it with, you should enjoy it. There is a bit of language, and plenty of violence--after all this is a Western, but it is entertaining.

We plan to continue our celebration today by going to the movies again to see The Fighter. Oh, and today we'll eat Thai food, our favorite.

Happy New Year Everyone!



Mason Canyon said…
You're right, John Wayne always played John Wayne. LOL Hope you have a wonderful and Happy New Year.

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